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Hello World, this is mitchmania.com

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I’m excited to introduce a new version of mitchmania.com! Over the years I’ve used the mitchmania name for many things, from simply an email address to a music label. My latest venture is a technology blog. In this blog I’ll cover my latest projects, hopefully open-source, topics that I find undocumented in the depths of the Internet, and what its like to be a 20-something in the competitive and innovative field of computer science.

Home automation is a field I am very interested in. While I don’t think I’d make a career out of it, it allows me to apply numerous computer programming languages and softwares to create a product. My goal two years ago was to create a home automation system without using any pre-made products off of the shelf. I’ve come pretty far integrating simple tools like physical mechanical relays to control lights and ElasticSearch for log aggregation. I’m hoping to open-source much of my progress in the coming months, an area I have been lacking.

I just recently completed an internship doing software development for Capital One. I did a lot of work with undocumented code, both their’s and other projects, and realized how frustrating it was. It is my goal to cover some of these projects to hopefully alleviate someone else’s frustrations. Follow my work, follow my progress, and follow me on twitter @mitchmania