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Meet RouterBOARD's Newest and Biggest Fan

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I grew up flashing (and sometimes bricking) Linksys WRT routers. My favorite firmwares were OpenWrt and DD-WRT to give me the features I really needed. When I heard of RouterBOARD and RouterOS I knew I was on to something good. Affordable routers packing enterprise-class features with a huge variety of hardware. I was already using SmoothWall Express on two old Dell Optiplex 755s but I just got sick of these power-hungry desktops kicking around. My network consists of one router in my college house and two routers in my parents basement. PRO TIP: Always replicate your services on a server rack running out of your parents basement.

Amazon sold me a Mikrotik RouterBOARD Rackmount Gigabit Router RB2011UiAS-RM and a Mikrotik RouterBOARD Desktop Gigabit Router RB951G-2HnD.

RouterBOARD router in the Gainesville rack RouterBOARD router in the Gainesville rack

It took a few hours to figure out the default set of firewall rules and how to migrate my VPN over but I got it and it is working great! Posting this from behind it right now in fact. I’m really enjoying the firewall’s similarity to iptables. Come back soon to check out the tutorials I will post on how to make the most out of your RouterBOARD setup.