My greatest passion is computer networking. In my college home my collection of servers and networking equipment is always growing. Living in a two bedroom house with a roommate and computers powering everything from lights to air-conditioning, it was getting sort of cramped. So one day I decided I needed to kick my roommate out and turn his bedroom into an office. This is a picture of my server rack as it looked in 2014. I call it my “Home Network++” becuase it’s just a little bit more equipment that your average user would have. The amount of computing power I have here and the variety of hardware ensures that I’m always able to work on whatever project I’m curious in. I’m a big fan of virtualization, all of my projects interact with vmWare ESXi or Citrix Xenserver in some shape or form. For redundancy I’m currently replicating a lot of my services in Amazon Web Services as well. Check back for more updates soon!